The Shower

To move beyond the rigidity of Duality and its influence on culture that results in periodic states of extreme polarization, The Shower introduces a moderation where the third variable is introduced. The Shower works on established duality of hot and cold so that it can be moderated through the showerhead and delivers to the user control over the amount of flow from each extreme. In human interaction this would be a viable description of the value of compromise as a result of Free Will and Choice just like how one adjusts the handles on the shower.

The Challenge of Integrating Therapy into Life

The subconscious denial on the part of therapists that their training was insufficient and the limitations and boundaries that are imposed upon them leaves their clients with a body of proposed interventions that they can’t possibly integrate into their lives. This is a result of The System of Care not providing them with the required time to teach them the necessary skills that these interventions require. A possible adjunct to therapy is explored that might satisfy this need.

Subconscious and Memory Aspects of Our Being

In the previous article in “Unifying Conversations,” in the G-d section of, the partnership of The Aspects that make up Our Collective Self, Jonathan, were introduced. These Aspects are: Spirit also known as Intuition, Mind also known as Cognition/Thought, Emotion also known as the expression of Feelings, Trauma the embodiment of the causal pain and suffering as well as a lion of protection, and Body, the holder of Our Being. Now Subconscious and Memory are introduced.
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